“Our faculty come from many different backgrounds and share a passion for their students and interactive entertainment.”
-Ben Noel, Executive Director

Meet Our Video Game Faculty And Staff

Our faculty and staff are video-game experts and experienced teachers. Collectively they’ve shipped more than 60 games and films.

To contact any FIEA staff or faculty, please call 407-235-3580 or email us.

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  • Young white female staff member, Amanda Beaver
    Amanda Beaver
    Motion Capture Engineer
  • FIEA’s Executive Director, Ben Noel
    Ben Noel
    Executive Director
  • Art Department Faculty Consultant, Chris Roda
    Chris Roda
    Art Faculty Consultant
  • FIEA’s Industry Relations Coordinator, Courtney Lewis
    Courtney Lewis
    Industry Relations Coordinator
  • FIEA's Director of Strategic Partnerships, Erik Sand
    Erik Sand
    Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • FIEA’s Assistant Director and Academic Support Services, Joe Muley
    Joe Muley
    Asst Director, Academic Support Services
  • FIEA’s Network & Facilities Manager, John Rotolo
    John Rotolo
    Network & Facilities Manager
  • FIEA Admissions Department Multimedia Designer, John Tran
    John Tran
    Multimedia Designer
  • Art Department Lecturer, Moon Seun
    Moon Seun
  • Art Department Faculty Consultant, Nick Zuccarello
    Nick Zuccarello
    Art Faculty Consultant
  • Programming Department Faculty, Paul Varcholik
    Paul Varcholik, Ph.D.
    Programming Faculty
  • FIEA and CEM’s Studio Director, Rich Grula
    Rich Grula
    UCF CEM – Studio Director
  • Production Department Director, Rick Hall
    Rick Hall
    Production Director
  • FIEA’s Support Team, Rock Hudson
    Rock Hudson
    Support Team
  • Production Department Technical Design Director, Ron Weaver
    Ron Weaver
    Technical Design Director
  • FIEA Admissions Department Coordinator, Sara Thompson
    Sara Thompson
    Admissions Coordinator
  • FIEA Admissions Department Student Recruiter, Tara Libby
    Tara Libby
    Student Recruiter
  • FIEA Admissions Department Director, Todd Deery
    Todd Deery
    Communication & Admission Director
  • Programming Department Technical Director, Tom Carbone
    Tom Carbone
    Technical Director
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Meet FIEA’s experienced video game faculty and staff and read about their industry ties and background.
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