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Conner Ramputi

Computer Support

An avid gamer and artist himself, Conner Ramputi is FIEA’s computer support specialist, assisting all students, faculty and staff with the tools they need to make their visions come to life and stay running.

Headshot of Conner Ramputi

Conner graduated from UCF in 2021 with a B.A. in Visual Design. Focusing on the basics of game design and art, he worked on teams as an artist to generate assets for games in development. This deep understanding of the inner workings of tools needed to develop successful games is imperative to his role at FIEA. Conner credits his ability to foster good relationships with the students and staff on 10 years of working in hospitality as a server/bartender around Central Florida.

Beyond FIEA, Conner loves gaming with friends and family and has been dipping his toes in streaming. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Jamie and their two furry pups (Milo and Shay), writing, drawing, swimming, bowling, and leading Dungeons & Dragons campaigns as dungeon master.

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