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Alumni & Student Stories

Students & Alumni
Game Changer Files: Marchand Venter ’17 ’18MS, Environment Artist at Obsidian Entertainment
Marchand Venter ’17 ’18MS, FIEA art alumnus from Cohort 14, discusses the perks of FIEA’s community of artists and the importance of staying up to…
Students & Alumni
Game Changer Files: Israel Garcia-Diaz ’18MS, Experience Designer at EA SPORTS
Israel Garcia-Diaz ’18MS, FIEA art alumnus from Cohort 14, fought to return to FIEA after Hurricane Maria devastated his home island of Puerto Rico to…
Students & Alumni
Game Changer Files: Eric McGinnis ’21MS, 3D Artist at Vertex Solutions
Eric McGinnis ’21MS, FIEA art alumnus from Cohort 17 and former strength and conditioning coach, makes his way up the the bouldering wall at Blue…

More Stories

More than 250+ companies have hired FIEA’s 1,000+ alumni. How do we do it?

Our Industry Relations team has a process that every student goes through that includes things like mock interviews and resume workshops. Read our alumni & student stories to see how our alumni are making some of the biggest games and films in the world.

Alumni Jobs

Notable Alumni

Below are just a few of our notable alumni. For a full list, click here.

  • Headshot

    Brian DeSanti

    Blizzard Entertainment

    Senior Director of Product Management

  • Headshot

    Matt Laurence

    Avalanche Studios

    Engagement Director

  • Headshot

    Carlos Barbosa

    WB Games

    VP & Studio Head

  • Headshot

    Nikki Roth


    Senior Technical Artist

  • Headshot

    Victor Lugo

    NBC/Universal Media

    Director of Interactive Entertainment

  • Headshot

    Ingrid Aguero

    EA Orlando

    Environment Director

Alumni Games


Notable Companies

From AAA video game studios like Blizzard to military simulation companies such as Lockheed. FIEA alumni have been hired by 250+ companies, below is just small sampling of some of those companies.

  • Blizzard Entertainment logo
  • Electronic Arts logo
  • Bungie logo
  • Nintendo logo
  • Marvel logo
  • Riot Games logo
  • Activision logo
  • BioWare logo
  • Epic Games logo
  • Gearbox Software logo
  • Lockheed Martin logo
  • Disney logo
  • Apple logo
  • Bethesda Game Studio logo
  • Cartoon Network logo
  • DreamWorks logo
  • Google logo
  • Microsoft Studios logo

Industry Relations

Industry Relations

FIEA has staff dedicated to seeking, developing, and maintaining industry relations with video game and other interactive entities.

Our industry relations team works in tandem with our faculty to bring top level companies to visit FIEA and aid in your professional development. The IR team brings in dozens of industry experts for workshops, talks, student interviews, and other consultations throughout the year. These TechTalks focus on sharing best practices, tips and tools of the trade, and the secrets of networking in the game industry. This added benefit to the FIEA curriculum has proven to make graduates more employable.

Services Offered

  • One-on-one resume and digital portfolio consultations
  • Resume workshops
  • Industry-specific mock interviews
  • Successful Interviewing workshop
  • Contacts at hundreds of game and simulation studios


Want to get involved?

We are always looking for additional industry partners to improve our top-ranked game program.

Female alumni with bright green hair juggling a basketball standing infront of NBA live basketball wall

Internship Opportunities

Here at FIEA, students are allowed to use the last semester of the program to leave on internship or a full-time job. We have a range of talented students looking for internships, from tool programmers, to technical artists, to level designers. We love working with companies to see what their needs are and what type of talent they are interested in hiring. We often work with companies to schedule group interviews with our students, tours our facilities, etc. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about our program and internships!

Young female student wearing VR gear playing in a large room with other students in the background

Collaborative Projects

FIEA loves to partner up with local and remote companies to build collaborative projects. Beyond entertainment, our students have also collaborated with subject matter experts in building educational games, from a prototype for teaching sign language, to a surgery simulation game. Another fun project was when our students worked with the local police force in building a driving simulation to discover how to better train drivers. If you are interested in collaborating with FIEA and our students, reach out to us for more information and to schedule a tour of our facilities!

Male art faculty meeting with female student in his office

Guest Lecturers and Instructors

At FIEA, we often schedule guest lecturers to come visit us every Friday to speak to students. We’ve had lectures from many types of companies, including Riot Games, Gearbox Software, Ubisoft, and Lockheed Martin. Students love the opportunity to hear from current industry professionals and to apply the lecturer’s wisdom to their own portfolios. We have also had many professional relationships develop from these lectures and interactions with the students, which is always exciting to see and be a part of. If you’re interested in guest lecturing at FIEA and learning about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Guest Speakers