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Prepared and be Ready

As a FIEA student, you will get full access to our Industry Relations team. They can assist you in preparing for interviews, creating a winning resume and doing mock interviews. They also bring in dozens of industry experts to recruit, talk and network with you. Below is a general process that every student goes through to help prepare for life beyond FIEA.

Semester I

You will experience a series of guest speakers arranged by the IR staff that display a variety of career paths for each track from military and medical simulation to console and mobile game developers. The first semester is also a great time to make personal introductions by making an appointment to discuss your specialization and future employment/internship interests.

Semester II

In the second semester, you’ve found your footing and you’ve been assigned to your capstone team. Simultaneously, you will begin planning for your future after FIEA. You will have the opportunity to participate in 4 professional development workshops; Communication 101, Resume’ Development, Job Interview Skills and Portfolio Presentation.

Semester III

As you approach the finalization of your capstone you will have had many opportunities to meet with companies that are hiring interns and full-time employees. In preparation for your potential industry interviews, we offer several mock interview experiences with faculty and experienced alumni. In addition, there will be times where our local affiliate companies will interview on-site.

Semester IV

Congratulations, your capstone game is wrapped up and you’ve found an internship or chosen to pursue a personal venture project. At the end of the term you will give your final presentation of your experience as an intern or the success that you’ve earned with your personal venture project.

Post Graduation

After graduation you will be called upon to share your wisdom and industry knowledge with the current cohort. We rely heavily of ensure that you value FIEA long after you’ve graduated. This is a great opportunity to stay in touch and give back.