“FIEA is the victory lap before achieving your dreams.”
-Carmen Askerneese

FIEA’s Video Game Curriculum

FIEA offers an immersive, project-based video game curriculum that’s as active as it is interactive. You’ll become part of a team of fellow students who will work with you as producers, programmers and artists on real-world projects with milestones and tight deadlines. All overseen by some of the best video game faculty in the world.

See a semester-by-semester breakdown of FIEA’s groundbreaking video game curriculum.

Learn how to develop great video game ideas, manage teams of game developers and deal with issues like marketing, distribution and low team morale.

Learn how to write your own game engine, port games to the XBOX development platform as well as handle current video game industry issues like memory management.

Learn everything you need to know to become a video game artist including modeling, shading rigging, lighting, texturing and motion capture editing.

Learn more about FIEA Ventures, a state-of-the-art digital media workspace.

See semester start and end dates, as well as holiday breaks.

This schedule is for informational purposes only and class schedules can change from year to year.

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Learn about our video game curriculum meet our faculty and staff, see sample schedules & class descriptions.
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