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Videogame bootcamp

Immersed in the latest game engine technology, Rapid Prototype Production (RPP) is much more open to taking risks and experimentation than the industry. Each round involves a theme which pushes students to design beyond their boundaries, whether that’s designing a game to do more than just entertain or aiming to integrate narrative in a novel way.

RPP also explores mobile development and leading-edge platforms, such as VR. Throughout RPP, students will be working on small multidisciplinary teams of about four or five students to create a working prototype, or proof of concept, for a game design idea. By completion of the RPP course, students will have worked with over twenty different teammates and mastered the process of game creation from cradle to grave.

4 students working on a interactive sand projection project

Game Trailers

Below are various RPP game play trailers by FIEA students throughout the years.