Become A Visual Storyteller

FIEA artists tell a story with their art and characters. Our video game art curriculum gives you a solid foundation in 2d design, 3d modeling, animation and game production. You’ll become a versatile artist that can make ideas come to life.

Are you part artists and part programmer?

Tech artists work in game engines and create art pipelines. They do special effects and particles and create scripts that automate art processes.

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Male student wearing black FIEA t-shirt working on computer in the FIEA venture space

FIEA Art Faculty

Get personalized, real-world instruction from our art faculty, who combine decades of game and film industry experience with a passion for teaching.

Nick Zucarrello
Art Professor

Art Department Faculty Consultant, Nick Zuccarello

3D Artist Group 360; 3D Creature/Character Artist Sony Online Entertainment, more

Star Wars Galaxies, Dark Watch, John Madden Football, more

Nick’s Bio

Moon Seun
Visiting Lecturer

Art Department Lecturer, Moon Seun

Animation professor; SCAD, CalArts, Ohio State University; Independent filmmaker, more

The Prince of Egypt, The Road to Eldorado, Terminator2 Attraction, more

Moon’s Bio

Chris Roda
Tech Art Faculty

Art Department Faculty Consultant, Chris Roda

CG Supervisor, EA Sports Tiburon; Theme Park Attractions, more

NCAA Football (10, 11, 12, 13) Madden Football (25, 2015), more

Chris’s Bio

Learn Today’s Pipelines

Our video game art curriculum incorporates the latest tech and spaces. Learn how stories are made using our huge motion capture studio , the Oculus Rift virtual reality development environment and latest software and techniques.

Individual attention, portfolio building

With our 10-1 student to faculty ratio, you will get the individualized attention you need to build your portfolio and your career. While you will work with producers and programmers to make amazing games and projects, FIEA’s video game art curriculum also gives you time to craft your portfolio so it shows off your best work.

Art Faculty Consultant, Chris Roda and student reviewing a project at his desk
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FIEA's video game art curriculum includes 2D art, 3D art, animation and technical art.
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