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General Resources


Job listings from all over the game industry.



Gamedevmap is a living map and catalog of game development organizations.



(I/ITSEC) is the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event.



Studio Hog is a directory site for animation and vfx companies.


Top Game Companies by Region


Company Location Game Engine Jobs
Bit Fry Game Studios Portsmouth, NH Proprietary Engine Launch
Dark Tonic Wilkes-Barre, PA Unity Launch
Firefly Studios Canton, CN Proprietary Engine Launch
Funkitron Games Boston, MA Unity Launch
GSN Games NYC Unity Launch
People Can Fly NYC Unreal Engine Launch
Rockstar Games NYC Proprietary Engine Launch
SimforHealth Boston, MA Unreal Engine Launch
Velan Studios Troy, NY Proprietary Engine Launch
Vicarious Visions Albany, NY Proprietary Engine Launch


Company Location Game Engine Jobs
Arkane Studios Austin, TX Proprietary Engine, Unreal Engine Launch
Aspyr Media Austin, TX Unreal Engine, Unity Launch
BioWare Austin, TX Frostbite Launch
EA Tiburon Orlando, FL Frostbite Launch
Epic Games Cary, NC Unreal Engine Launch
Firaxis Games Sparks, MD Proprietary Engine Launch
GameSim Orlando, FL Various Engines Launch
Gearbox Software Frisco, TX Unreal Engine Launch
Ghostpunch Games Sunrise, FL Unreal Engine Launch
Hi-Rez Studios Alpharetta, GA Unreal Engine Launch
Iron Galaxy Studios Orlando, FL Unreal Engine Launch
Lockheed Martin Orlando, FL Unreal Engine Launch
Magic Leap Plantation, FL Proprietary Engine Launch
Red Storm Entertainment Cary, NC Proprietary Engine Launch
Twisted Pixel Games Austin, TX Proprietary Engine Launch


Company Location Game Engine Jobs
Filament Games Madison, WI Unity Launch
Iron Galaxy Studios Chicago, IL Various Engines Launch
Lost Boys Interactive Madison, WI Unreal Engine Launch
NetherRealm Studios Chicago, IL Unreal Engine Launch
Raven Software Madison, WI Proprietary Engine Launch


Company Location Game Engine Jobs
2K Novato, CA Unreal Engine Launch
Activision Several Locations Proprietary Engine Launch
Amazon Game Studios Irvine, CA Proprietary Engine Launch
Blizzard Entertainment Irvine, CA Proprietary Engine Launch
Bungie Bellevue, WA Proprietary Engine Launch
EA Several Locations Frostbite Launch
Glu Mobile San Francisco, CA Unity Launch
Insomniac Games Burbank, CA Proprietary Engine Launch
Jam City Culver City, CA Unity Launch
Naughty Dog Santa Monica, CA Proprietary Engine Launch
Obsidian Entertainment Irvine, CA Unreal Engine Launch
Psyonix San Diego, CA Unreal Engine Launch
Riot Games Los Angeles, CA Unity, Unreal Launch
Santa Monica Studio Santa Monica, CA Proprietary Engine Launch
Zynga San Francisco, CA Proprietary Engine Launch