“I didn’t know what to expect, I came in thinking game design is my passion and it ended up being exactly that. It intensified that this is what I want to do.”
-Agnesa Belegu

FIEA Admissions

Our goal at FIEA is to make the FIEA admissions process as easy as possible. Follow our 6 Steps to enroll below and watch our admission videos to learn how to get in. Better yet, come tour FIEA or take our virtual tour to see our space and meet our amazing students and staff. Questions? We’re a phone call or email away.

Find out the easiest way to enroll in FIEA.

Learn about FIEA’s admissions requirements.

Learn about the requirements if you are an international student.

See the dedicated team to help you throughout the admissions process.

Everything you need to find a place.

See FIEA’s all-inclusive cost.

FIEA Tours are available by request. Or take our virtual tour.

Your question may be here.

Deadlines for financial aid, registration and Portfolio Reviews.

See the aid available to FIEA Students.

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Learn all about FIEA admissions process, including requirements, financial aid, housing, enrollment, tuition and more.
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