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Students present projects at Cohort 19 Venture Showcase

December 4, 2023

Venture Showcase for Cohort 19

Today, individual students and teams in the Cohort 19 Digital Venture Practicum showcased an array of innovative projects ranging from VR experiences to old-school video games and numerous tools, packs and plug-ins to be offered on a variety of online stores. The projects were provided from 5-10 minutes to provide an overview of the product market and demonstration of the game, prototype, asset or tools.

Student Projects

3D Reactive Material

Arun Pillai

Material to displace vertices based on distance from other objects including a particle system to replace mesh surfaces with particles at the mesh vertices.

Anarcho Techno

Timothy Ray

A game pitch for a VR immersive sim with puzzle-solving & combat elements. Escape the VR therapy game using the unpredictable environment to your advantage.

Archer’s Assets

Meaghan Archer

Stylized modular environment for the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Bound to Happen

Sugar & Spice

A dating sim. A visual novel about learning to work with others and tentative steps into adulthood.


Charles Price

Need 3D artwork? DAC Inc. provides a variety of 3D assets readily available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.


Get in the Box Studio

Just submitted to the Independent Games Festival, Deckweaver: Descent into Chaos is a first person deckbuilding game where the player crafts their abilities using different cards they find in the environment.

Forest Temple

Levi Elliott Smith, Anna Pratt

A small temple located in the depths of the forest, dedicated to cats and the universal
cat distribution system. This brief three-minute experience takes the viewers into a portal into another world where cats are the old gods.

Historical Finance Calculator

Austin Menard

Time travel your money! Dive into our Historical Finance Calculator, pick a date, and see what would’ve happened if you invested in stocks, ETFs, or crypto.

Noun Worx LLC

Patrick McCallum

A Modeling & Simulation Character Creation Tool for Unreal Engine.

Olympus’ Chosen

Project Theos

An online action RPG set in a world where the Greek Gods are real, players will have to earn their favor in order to acquire new powers and weapons to help fight the evils of Olympus.

Project Medscape

Boulder Punch Studio

Project MedScape: A horror-inspired Hospital asset pack for the Unreal Marketplace.


Kyle Remy

Travel through time with RetroPoly! Want 3D assets that are authentic to the PS1 era? Look no further than this Fiverr gig where I will provide you with retro looking environments and props that would exist in 1994. With that being said, I will go the extra mile to make the best quality product for any consumer.


Chengxi Shi

An AIGC tool designed for generating text in specific styles, Text-Fantasy is rooted in the Chinese-LLaMA-Alpaca-2 large language model and finely tuned with the text from “Cultist Simulator.” It creates unique writings that resonate with the game’s distinctive style, and is the basic exploration for the impact and potential in AI text generation, which probably be used in game development.

UE5 Lobby Creator

Abish Neelakanta

Lobby Creation Tool for creating multiplayer games in Unreal.

Umbral Survivor

Nick Nyaiesh

Umbral Survivor is a top-down sci-fi action roguelike with more threats than meet the eye. As the last living squad member of a shore party desperately awaiting exfiltration from an unexpectedly hazardous alien planetside, you cannot directly see the enemies hunting you… but shedding some light on the situation reveals their shadows. Can you survive their onslaught until evac arrives?