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FIEA Students Debut Four New Video Games On July 31st

July 23, 2020

A narrative stealth game, a co-op puzzle platformer, and a fast-paced hoverboard game highlight this year’s FIEA capstone projects.
Artwork from new student games

Whether you want to skulk through the underworld in a bid to reunite with Hades, join a friend to control the forces of nature, or ride a hoverboard that contains the soul of a trapped god, you can do it at UCF. On July 31st, 2020 at 1 p.m. students debut four new video games at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, UCF’s graduate video game development program. The presentations will be held online through FIEA’s YouTube channel.

This year’s games include: “Kore,” “Keepers of the Trees,” “Izcalli of the Wind” and “Wick.”

“Kore” is a narrative stealth game featuring the Greek demigoddess Persephone as she journeys through a New Orleans inspired Underworld. Avoid capture by lost souls as you quest for coins to pay the ferryman. Reunite with Hades and achieve your destiny as Queen of the Damned.

“Keepers of the Trees” is a couch co-op puzzle platformer that gives you the power to control nature. Along with a friend, you will test your platforming mettle, work together to solve puzzles by growing magical plants, and explore a lush, fantasy forest world.

“Izcalli of the Wind” is a fast-paced hoverboard game where you play as Izcalli, an acolyte of the Wind God, a dying deity whose realm is fading. In a desperate attempt to retain the last vestiges of his powers, the god has sealed himself within a mystical hoverboard. With the help of this hoverboard, Izcalli must travel throughout the realm, restore power, and usher in the rebirth of the wind.

The final presentation will feature “Wick.” Join Jean Wick in his quest to fulfil a dead monk’s mission to fill a cathedral with light and restore hope to a plague infested world. Use Jean’s douter and a mix of waxy tricks to avoid detection by Mara, a nun who has become corrupted by despair at her failure to heal the overwhelming tides of plague victims. Travel deep into the darkness to bring the world back to the light, or die trying.

This will be the public debut of the completed projects, which the students have been working on for seven months as their master’s thesis. FIEA offers a 16-month master’s degree in interactive entertainment and has been named a top 5 graduate game development program in the world by the Princeton Review for 10 years running.

The presentation is free and open to the public. The final presentation will be livestreamed at FIEA’s YouTube channel,