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FIEA student team Axolotl Productions releases their capstone game Izcalli of the Wind on

September 2, 2020

Student’s from UCF’s graduate video game development program FIEA, released their capstone game “Izcalli of the Wind” on A capstone game is the final project students have been working on for seven months as their master’s thesis.
Izcalli of the Wind

“Izcalli of the Wind” is a game of momentum, elegant motion, and channelling flow. Swiftly navigate the environment by riding a god imbued relic in hoverboard fashion and build energy while completing trials to transfer into seals, repowering the island’s main conduit and opening a path to the god’s main temple!
The game was developed by a team of 16 students over 8 months at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA). The goal was to develop a fun fast-paced game with tight controls and an unique environment.