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FIEA at Otronicon

February 9, 2021

Each year the FIEA program looks forward to our partnership with Otronicon . This year, our faculty and staff will be providing virtual sessions in Level Design, Virtual Reality, Character Generation, Motion Capture and a graduate program information session.

This year’s hybrid event will allow community partners an opportunity to give back to the Central Florida Community by preparing the next generation for the STEM workforce.

  • 2/12 at 11:00am – FIEA: Virtual Character Generation with Nicholas(Nick) Zuccarello
  • 2/12 at 2:30pm – FIEA: Motion Capture with Hannah Shea
  • 2/13 at 10:30am -FIEA: Virtual Reality Development with Hezekiah (Hez) Olopade
  • 2/13 at 2:00pm – FIEA: FIEA Graduate Program Information Session with Janice Borges
  • 2/14 at 11:00am – FIEA: Introduction to Level Design with Alyssa Lutz