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Cohort 20 Final Capstone Game Presentations on August 2

July 2, 2024

Support our four capstone teams made up of 78 grad students from Cohort 20 as they present their four games, designed and developed in two semesters, to earn their Interactive Entertainment M.S.
Capstone Game Presentations for Cohort 20
Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), the top-ranked graduate game design program by the Princeton Review, is proud to present four capstone games developed by this year’s teams from Cohort 20.

Our 78 students have been working diligently in teams of roughly 19 to 22 for more than two semesters to create and launch a game from scratch. Each team came up with their own ideas and got to work, guided by faculty, a few alumni, and immense teamwork to see their game through from start to finish. Each project lead will present their game on the last day of the summer semester, which will include a short presentation and game demo. The annual event will be livestreamed on FIEA’s YouTube channel on Friday, Aug. 2 from 1 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.


Caesura Poster


Presented by Overgrown Studios

A fantasy action adventure where music can manipulate the world around you. Play as Lyra, a lone human trying to find her place, as you explore Saol and save it from a mysterious corruption. Using a sacred instrument, heal the creatures and environments of Saol while uncovering the source of the corruption.

Chroma Poster


Presented by Dragonfly Games

Blast through an army of robots and take down their oppressive corporate empire! Master fast-paced movement abilities, combine colors for explosive builds, and make every shot count to beat this back-breaking roguelite shooter.

Fantasmagorie Poster


Presented by Needlepoint Productions

Journey through a distorted theatre held together by the fragile mind of a grieving puppet master. Take the stage as a music box ballerina—mysteriously free from the puppet master’s control. With only a needle and thread, traverse through this world and evade twisted and terrifying creations. Shatter the delusion and unravel the truth behind it all.

Starboard Poster


Presented by Spunky Studios

Starboard is a first-person, action/adventure game filled with nail-biting fights, daring escapes, and stylish parkour. Use a magic tether to swing and launch yourself through space like an acrobat or throw enemies and objects to turn the tide in battle. Wall-run, slide, and leap to elude foes, and bust out your trusty sword to attack head-on. Become Cillian Cade, a pirate thief who’s in over his head after a heist gone wrong. After he steals a magical gauntlet possessed by the spirit of a dead pirate lord, the duo sets out to find an ancient treasure vault. Along the way, they’ll have to outwit and outplay the crew of a malicious pirate captain who wants the treasure all for himself.