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Cohort 19 Teams Present Capstone Games

July 25, 2023

Support our four capstone teams as our grad students present games they designed and developed to earn their Interactive Entertainment M.S.
Capstone Game Presentations for Cohort 19

The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), the top-ranked graduate game design program, is proud to present the capstone games developed by four teams of Cohort 19. Students have been working (tirelessly) in teams of 15 to 19 for two semesters to create and launch a game from the scratch. The presentation will be livestreamed on FIEA’s YouTube channel on Friday, August 4, 2023 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.


Cecelia Poster


Presented by Aifir Interactive

A mysterious island. A giant baby made of stone awakens. Learn to trust each other if you want to explore the perilous terrain, seeking answers from the island’s enigmatic call and an ominous force awaiting you in the distant lighthouse.

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Bloodsong Poster


Presented by Three Owls in a Trench Coat

When she’s forbidden from playing at her concert, teenage siren Mari defies her mother’s orders, battles rogue guards, and wields the tenacious power of her bloodsong in this musical pitch-matching undersea adventure. Dare to explore the depths and unleash the raw energy of punk rock!

Deckweaver Poster


Presented by Get in the Box

A first-person deckbuilding game, the player crafts their abilities using different cards they find in the environment. Obliterate forces of chaos, fighting through different corrupt locations in the world before getting the chance to face and defeat Chaos itself.

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Heart and Core Poster

Heart and Core

Presented by Chonky Raccoon Studios

A twin-stick action brawler, the player controls young engineer JJ and her robot companion, KAI, as they try and evade the totalitarian control of the ruthless Santiago. Traverse, hide, and fight your way through a seemingly unending onslaught of enemy RAMs, using JJ’s Gravity Gun to stun enemies and KAI’s fists to destroy them.