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World-Class Facility
Endless Possibilities

Located in the heart of UCF Downtown, the motion capture stage of Studio 500 has played a vital role in making Orlando a national center of video game production.

Our soundstage has served as the set for multiple feature films and student shorts as well as commercial shoots for BBDO & Go Films (Gillette Commercial with Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter & Roger Federer), T-Mobile, 3M, GoConvergence and Electronic Arts.

Studio Specifications


Sq ft MOCAP Studio

with 1500 Sq ft Capture Volume


Sq ft Soundstage

with 22 ft Grid and 96-point ETC Dimming


Vicon Vantage Cameras

Cutting edge, flagship camera with intelligent feedback and resolution.


Latest Vicon Software

Built from ground up, Shogun takes advantage of Vicon’s 35 years of experience in MOCAP.


Below are various student and commercial projects that have been shot at Studio 500.


The Studio 500 MOCAP stage and soundstage are primarily for student and research use but can be booked by commercial clients on a limited basis when scheduling permits.

Our MOCAP stage can be booked for half and full day sessions and includes a motion capture engineer, assistant, access to various props, two dressing rooms, a talent lounge, bathroom, wifi and free on-site parking.

Prior to booking, please download the sample walk cycle to make sure our data fits your pipeline process.

For booking inquiries and questions, please email Rich Grula, Studio Director.

Email Studio Director

Composite of student wearning mocap suit with wireframe character overlayed