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Rapid Prototype Production (DIG 5548C)

Immersed in the latest game engine technology, the platform of this course is much more open to taking risks and experimentation than the industry. Each round involves a theme which pushes you to design beyond your boundaries, whether that’s designing a game to do more than just entertain or aiming to integrate narrative in a novel way. The course also explores mobile development and leading-edge platforms such as VR. By completion, you will have worked with over twenty very different teammates and mastered the process of game creation from cradle to grave.

  • Improv

    Students often wonder if they will have to get up and be in scenes. Well, of section they will, as that’s the entire point! However, students should have no fear, as this class is continually highlighted by alumni as the thing they most feared coming into the program, yet quickly came to appreciate (and enjoy) by the time it was complete. Students will focus on light exercises that reinforce the value of saying “yes” to their teammates and creative collaboration. Numerous storytelling and character development principles inhabit the scene work. By the end of the semester, students gain confidence giving presentations/pitches, having difficult personal conversations, and taking creative risks, knowing that a good teammate also wants to make others look good too.