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Final Semester

In the final semester, students engage in experiential learning through either an internship / full time job (DIG 6944C Game Design Practicum) or creating a start-up company (DIG 6947C Digital Venture Practicum). The purpose is to gain knowledge through exposure in live workplace environments.

The internship course provides opportunities for students to work at established companies. These are paid experiences where students are supervised. Students are expected to perform satisfactorily and report on their industry experience. Students wishing to participate in the internship program are required to submit updated resumes, portfolios and obtain the position through standard industry interview processes. Students have often also landed full-time jobs, which is always exciting to see.

The venture course provides opportunities for students to work on their own product and/or company idea. Students select their own teams, concepts and manage the entire development, marketing and distribution process. The course utilizes the Lean Startup methodology and experts in the area of intellectual property rights, marketing, contracting and financial management contribute to the course.