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Game Changer Files: Ingrid Aguero ’07 ’08MS, Environment Director at EA

October 23, 2023

Ingrid Aguero, FIEA alumna from Cohort 4, smiles in the lobby of the EA Orlando location in Creative Village, just a block away from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
Ingrid Aguero, FIEA alumna from Cohort 4, smiles in the lobby of the EA Orlando location in Creative Village, just a block away from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.
We’re asking FIEA alumni five questions about their experiences before, during and after graduating from UCF’s top-ranking game development program.
1. Status: Where are you currently working and what projects are you currently working on (if you can share)?

IA: I’m currently working at Electronic Arts out of our EA Orlando studio downtown. I’m working on Madden as an Environment Director, and we just had our Madden NFL 24 worldwide launch on August 18th. I’m super proud of the team and all the dedication and collaboration leading to this day!

2. Noob: Tell us what you did before your time at FIEA. What inspired you to attend FIEA?

IA: Before FIEA, I attended UCF for my Bachelor of Fine Arts and minor in Psychology. I grew up doing traditional art, but I knew I wanted to incorporate technology in my career somehow. During my last year, I joined the Visual Arts department’s 3D animation program where I first became interested in 3D. However, it was a tour that I took of FIEA, where I learned about their master’s degree video game program and saw their facility, that I realized I needed to explore video games as a career path.

3. PvE: How did FIEA prepare you for the industry?

IA: FIEA provided me with an immersive experience on what it was like working in a video game team setting, and being part of the whole development cycle (including alpha), so that the transition to a professional video game industry truly felt smooth. Beyond the 3D software and game design principles we learned, FIEA also taught us the art of time management and prioritization, skills that I apply in my daily work at EA. The Rapid Prototype Production classes in particular were enjoyable and collaborative–yet with their own challenges–and really emphasized how important it was to take calculated risks, work well with others, and be a dependable team player. I not only learned the technical aspects of game development, but also the interpersonal and leadership skills that are also instrumental in my profession in growing artists, and partnering with various domains within my team.

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4. PvP: Please share any advice you have for current FIEAns as they enter the game development industry.

IA: As you enter the game industry, take advantage of any opportunity to seek guidance from co-workers and mentors who are willing to share their insight, wisdom, and time. I also suggest embracing continuous learning: Be curious, resourceful, try new techniques, and get in the habit of doing your own research, both at work and in your own time. In our industry, technology is constantly advancing and improving so you should strive to stay relevant. Lastly, one skill that is often overlooked but can make a big difference: the ability to work seamlessly with others and navigate relationships at work. As you may have experienced first-hand during your time at FIEA, the video game industry thrives on teamwork and collaboration with peers of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, which leads to innovation. By learning to communicate effectively and have mutual respect among team members, you can build stronger relationships and create a better game product.

5. AFK: Do you have any recent, interesting personal successes, new hobbies, family updates or activities you would like to share?

IA: I’m a huge dog lover–partial to french bulldogs! I’m very involved with dog rescues through volunteering and being a foster dog parent. I guess you can say I’ve also taken up the farm life as a hobby, as I currently have chickens, ducks, and goats! In my personal time, I do realistic graphite and colored pencil drawings of animals (primarily dogs). You can see some of my work on my ArtStation or Facebook page.