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Cohort 18 Venture Showcase

December 3, 2022

The Cohort 18 Venture Showcase is an array of innovative projects ranging from VR experiences to old-school video games and numerous tools and plug-ins to be offered on a variety of online stores.
Group photo of cohort 18

The thirteen projects will each be provided 5-10 min to provide an overview of the product market and demonstration of the game, prototype or tools. Come join us on Monday, December 5 at 12pm in The Bridge or join via zoom

Presentation Lineup:

  • A Ghost’s Story is a single player VR supernatural horror game with FPS, escape room and hidden objects elements – Wake up in a coffin deep within the crypt, figure out the journal, solve puzzles and escape
  • Boomer Shooter is an old-fashioned shooter with time warp elements
  • Medic is a WWI hospital management sim where the player’s choices can change the course of history (a Corndog Bleu production)
  • VR Furries are 3D VR models that give the customer the ability to adjust its feature to create a character that best reflects their identity while providing the option to adorn these models with accessories
  • KeyFrame Drift is a animation outsourcing group that provides animation services to various clients
  • Not so Nefarious is the first story of The Foxdale chronicles webcomic series, produced by Critter3 Comics published via Webtoons and Tapas
  • Project Slapper takes the hectic style of WarioWare gameplay into a fast-paced FPS combat environment where you fight your way through a rapid-fire onslaught of enemies and obstacles in this microgame gauntlet
  • Freelancing Figures is a 3D printing startup focusing on creating figures and statues from original concepts to digital sculpts and fully painted figures for display
  • A Journey for Love is a dynamic audio artificial intelligent virtual-reality experience
  • Shadows & Ambient Occlusion using Signed Distance Fields is a Unity plug-in for fast and visually appealing real-time shadows
  • Abhijit Baruah Game Engine is a physics engine extension of the FIEA game engine
  • UE Tools & Plug-ins available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace including an asynchronous screen-loading plug-in, a Ui-based Pause & Settings menu plug-in, a Physics plug-in that converts scale to size and more
  • Drain Runner Metrics is a Tools project for displaying metrics captured from Drain Runner sent through a .NET Core RESTful API with a .NET 6 WPF application