The Practice Of Programming

In our video game programming curriculum you learn programming by writing lots of code. Develop strong C++ skills and learn how to debug, code in optimal game design patterns, and create cross-platform code that works on any game system.

The most common undergraduate majors in this track include computer programming, computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering.

Programming Track Course Descriptions

No More Programmer Art!

Work on interdisciplinary teams with artists and producers on games that not only are technically complex but look amazing and are fun to play. Our video game programming curriculum will have you building a great portfolio and working with producers and artists under tight deadlines.

Meet The Programming Faculty

Work in large codebases and learn the latest coding standards from our experienced faculty, who have been studio heads and lead programmers on many AAA games.

Tom Carbone

Technical Director

Industry Experience

Studio Director, Iron Galaxy Orlando; Lead Programmer, Electronic Arts-Tiburon Studio, more


Divekick, Killer Instinct, Scribblenauts Remix, Ms. Splosion Man, Street Fighter III–3rd Strike Online, more

Paul Varcholik Ph.D.

Programming Faculty

Industry Experience

Lead Software Engineer, Electronic Arts-Tiburon, more

Game Credits

Madden NFL, Superman Returns, more

The Latest Tools

You’ll work in all the latest software, including