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Participants of the FIEA program are often eligible for financial aid. Contact UCF’s Financial Aid department for more information at

To view information about Stafford and Grad PLUS loan programs, click here.

FIEA Director Fellowship

Who Is Eligible: Any accepted FIEA student who has not applied for the FIEA Director Technical Fellowship or UCF Character Animation Fellowship can apply for this fellowship. However, the FIEA Director Fellowship is also merit-based and there is no guarantee that any applicant will receive a Director Fellowship award.

FIEA Director Technical Fellowship

Who Is Eligible: Any accepted applicant into the FIEA Programming Track with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above in computer science, engineering, math or related disciplines and a score of 315 or greater on the Graduate Records Exam is assured a fellowship.

UCF Character Animation Fellowship

Who Is Eligible: Any student accepted into the art track at FIEA that graduated from UCF’s Character Animation program is guaranteed one $2,500 fellowship.

In addition all accepted applicants that graduated from UCF’s Character Animation program will be eligible to apply for one of two $2,500 fellowships. These fellowships are merit-based and will be awarded sometime after the PRD 4 Fellowship Application Deadline.

Electronic Arts Diversity Scholarship

Who Is Eligible: Sponsored by Electronic Arts, this scholarship is awarded to the most deserving female candidate entering FIEA’s Programming Track.

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