Industry veterans companies and former students talk about FIEA. For more student videos, view our Student Interviews page.

Agnesa Belegu

“I didn’t know what to expect, I came in thinking game design is my passion and it ended up being exactly that. It intensified that this is what I want to do.”

Carmen Askerneese

“FIEA is the victory lap before achieving your dreams.”

Joey Llobet

“FIEA has made me a lot more confident in my creativity and my ability to come up with good ideas.”

Keiran Kozlowski

“If I hadn’t gone to FIEA I wouldn’t be nearly as hopeful about my career path or myself as a person.”

Matthew Owens

“FIEA has made me a lot more confident in my ability as a leader, which is cool to say. To be able to carry the banner for other people and not let them down is an incredibly fulfilling experience.”

Matt Lawerence

Rovio – Core Product Manager
“FIEA is everything to what I am now. I wouldn’t be in the industry now if it weren’t for FIEA. It’s a hard industry to break into.”

Dennis Brannvall

EA Dice – Lead Level Designer
“I think FIEA really taught me how important collaboration is. And how to compromise. At FIEA, you’re not setting anyone’s salary. You don’t have a whip. People have to feel like they’re being respected.”

Joe Palmer

Iron Galaxy – Engineeer
“FIEA emulates the game development industry about as well as a school program could. Plus, the programming instruction is very good. If you work hard and really try to understand what’s being taught you will come out on the other end a better programmer and a lot closer to being able to contribute to a development team.”

Matt Read

Zynga – Designer
“Attending FIEA was the smartest decision I ever made. There’s no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today without going there.”

Donna Curley

Lockheed Martin – Virtual Environment Lead
“We’ve hired several artists from FIEA and…I’m eager to hire more from this program.”

Steve Julson

Electronic Arts – Designer
“I can absolutely say that my experience at FIEA has made me a well-spoken designer in a studio full of industry veterans and tough guys.”

Jose Luis Lopez Zurita

Ubisoft – Programmer
“I think the school does a great job of trying to push you to your limits. I had some industry experience before…and the environment at FIEA was so close to a commercial one that you would have a hard time trying to figure out that it is indeed a school.”

Brian Kortbus

“You’ll only be here for one year at FIEA, make the most of it. You’re not going to get anything like this anywhere else.”

Logan Gerrol

“It’s provided me with a network of colleagues that are not only experienced in their specific field in the gaming industry, but also a family of friends that I’m able to hang out with.”

Claire Rice

“Through my experience here I discovered that I thrive off of being the best teammate I can be.”

Krishna Mehta

“It’s a life-changing opportunity if you want to pursue a job in the game industry.”

Scott Knapp

Moving Picture Company – Lighting/Look Dev Artist
“I didn’t think I would ever get a Master’s degree. Our class took a tour with [former FIEA art director Brian Salisbury] and I immediately knew I wanted to go through the program.”

Ingrid Aguero

EA Tiburon – Environment Artist
“I knew I wanted to do 3D art, but I didn’t know I wanted to do video games yet. I saw commercial about FIEA and articles about the demand for video game developers, so I decided to apply and from there it fell into place.”

Tiffany Dao

Iron Galaxy – Character Modeler
“FIEA did wonders in preparing me actually. Aside from teaching me pipeline and tools that’s common in the industry, I’d say the most important thing I learned from FIEA was how to work as a team with other people. It’s also taught me how to deal with features getting cut or revised or pushed back, with getting feedback and the important of iteration, all things that are key points in the industry.”

Jay Weatherstone

Iron Galaxy Studios – Programmer
“Thank you for the education and opportunities that the program at FIEA has afforded me. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and hold nothing but immense regard for the program.”

Matt Simantov

Orlando Sentinel
“Students from UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy have produced some impressive professional level games in the past, and I’m happy to say that the latest batch of students…continued in that tradition.”

Dan O’Leary

n-Space – President
“We’ve hired 12 graduates so far and they’ve all been very excellent.”