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10 Reasons To Choose FIEA

Art Faculty reviewing student work on his monitor with student standing next to him for feedback

1. Faculty

FIEA faculty don’t just know video games, they are veterans of video game development. They’ve worked on some of today’s biggest games and have shipped more than 60 video-game and film titles.

Young male wearing plaid shirt and t-shirt playing a videogame with a virtual reality headset and controller

2. Latest Tools

Maya, Oculus Rift, Renderware, UDK, iOS, Mudbox, Torque, Photoshop, XBOX Devkits, Flash, Unity, Perforce… At FIEA you’ll get to work with many of the industry’s most in-demand tools.

Governor Rick Scott having his photo taken while speaking to a professional male in a suit

3. Partnerships

FIEA has partnered with companies like n-Space, EA, Disney, Microsoft, Monster Media, Lockheed Martin and others to develop the most comprehensive, industry-focused curriculum available. These partnerships means you’ll always be learning the latest industry techniques as well as work on the best student projects anywhere.

Asian student wearing a green shirt and glasses drawing on a Wacom tablet

4. Master Your Domain

Unlike some other gaming schools, FIEA offers a fully accredited Master’s of Interactive Entertainment. So you not only get a cutting-edge education but also a degree that’s recognized and a valuable marketplace commodity.

Statue of a knight on a horse with a shield with the UCF Pegasus logo

5. UCF

As part of UCF’s Center For Emerging Media, FIEA is supported by the full resources of the nation’s second-largest university. UCF is also a leader in modeling and simulation, optics and photonics, engineering and computer science, education and other disciplines.

A industry professional male at a podium answering questions from a group of students

6. Industry Relations

FIEA has an Industry Relations Coordinator who helps foster partnerships with great game companies and helps students develop effective resumes. And our faculty and staff have dozens of industry contacts to help you attract interviews and offers. See more FIEA stats.

A male pointing to a screen in front of a group of students in a team meeting for Mallcop videogame

7. Teaching Teamwork

Today’s AAA games take anywhere from 25 to 200 people to create. One of the things that separates FIEA from any other video game design program is that you’ll learn how to work on a team. From the day you enter, you’ll be put on a team with other artists, programmers and producers and be required to display the communication, commitment and compromise necessary to bring a game to fruition.

Overhead shot of the FIEA cohort space while it is empty

8. Creative Space

FIEA is located in a 114,000 square-foot building in downtown Orlando that’s unlike any other campus you’ve seen. It’s designed to mimic the production environments of the most successful gaming companies. It’s decorated with plasma screens, curved walls and bright colors. Concept rooms with wall-to-wall whiteboards and tacky surfaces for storyboarding. Two student work rooms with 25-foot-high ceilings and a library with gaming consoles, plasma tvs, research stations and plenty of couches.

Student looking forward in a production class with instructor in the background

9. Individual Attention

FIEA faculty don’t just teach, they mentor. And they can do that because we keep our class size very low. Our 10:1 student to faculty ratio means you’ll get all the individual attention you need.

A sample rendering of the purposed downtown UCF campus

10. The Downtown Campus

Sixty acres right outside of FIEA’s door is about to be transformed into UCF’s Downtown campus. This campus will bring more than 7,000 students into the downtown core and provide opportunities for students to collaborate with businesses and industry.