In semesters 2 and 3, every student works on a final, large-scale game with fellow producers, programmers and artists. This capstone game is your master’s thesis.

Child No More

Child No More is a story-driven adventure game that emphasizes the consequences of a child’s loss of innocence, cast in an unforgiving environment she once knew as home. Set in an Eastern European country broken by conflict, Arya and her player-controlled animal companions become inseparable in the face of danger.

The Team


  • Dave Parker
    Lead Environment & Lighting Artist
  • Tamara Corbett
    Lead Character & 2D Artist
  • Chunzi Wu
    2D/3D Environment Artist
  • Lawrance Susenburger
    Technical Artist
  • Josh Frantz
    3D Character Artist
  • Samantha Mohr


  • Carmen Askerneese II
    Project Lead
  • Agnesa Belegu
    Lead Designer
  • Alex Dee
    Development Manager & Technical Designer
  • Ben Fletcher
    Technical Designer
  • Keiran Kozlowski
    Level Designer


  • Jared Brown
    Lead Programmer
  • Ashwin Sankaranarayanan
    Gameplay & Ai Programmer
  • Brian Bennett
    Gameplay & AI Programmer
  • Jonathan Lucka
    Gameplay & UI Programmer


  • Fox
  • Concept Environment
  • Character Relative Heights
  • Boss
  • Arya
  • Wolf
  • Wolf 3D
  • Soldier
  • Mother
  • Misha_3D