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FIEA Events
FIEA Students
Group Shots
MOCAP and Soundstage
The FIEA Space
  • GDC Alumni Party 2017
  • FIEA Visits EA 2017
  • GDC Alumni Party 2017
  • Keegan Cimler, Programmer from Cohort 14
  • Lizzie Seigel, Producer from Cohort 14
  • Kristal Nembhard, Artist from Cohort 14
  • Artist Matt Trupiano from Cohort 13
  • Cohort 12 Graduation Party
  • Artist Matt Young from Cohort 13
  • Producer Erin Testing Out VR from Cohort 13
  • Producer Jake Elden from Cohort 13
  • Producer Jordan Wexler from Cohort 13
FIEA Photos
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FIEA Photos
A collection of all the students and spaces at FIEA as well as FIEA’s booth at Siggraph and other events. FIEA photos.
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