Elisabeth Seigel hopes to use her love of music, video games and leadership to compose her own bright future

Throughout her life, Elisabeth Seigel found artistic outlets in a wide range of musical styles. She played the trumpet in her high school marching band. She majored in music and composition at Gonzaga University with an emphasis on the classical. And she played in the college’s 90-member pep band.

Then, too, Elisabeth loved video games. Even as kindergartner.

“I’ve been playing video games since I was five-years old when I got a ‘Game Boy Color’ and was playing ‘Pokémon Blue.’ So, over the years, I’ve watched how games have evolved – at least with Nintendo – from 8-bit Pokémon to the intricate artwork and fully orchestrated music with ‘Skyward Sword’ and ‘Super Mario Galaxy.’”

“I know that FIEA will teach me everything I need to know to be able to lead a team and present a high caliber game.”

Lizzie Seigel

She became fascinated by that evolution. “Seeing that progression makes me want to be a part of the next big frontier in gaming.” Like many students at FIEA, Elisabeth was intrigued by the field before realizing she might find a career in that growing profession.

“I think I knew I wanted to pursue video games as a career when I realized that I had tried out almost every sport, school subject and activity, but the only thing I kept coming back to was music and video games.” She recalls being consumed by a high school composition project, putting in 24 hours on a three-minute piece to go with a friend’s movie trailer project.

Music. Video games. Leadership. How do you combine all three? Then her boyfriend – a UCF graduate – told her about FIEA. And when Elisabeth, who grew up and went to college in the state of Washington, learned about FIEA’s production track involving leadership and management, she knew it hit all the right chords.

“I still hope to use my music in some way, whether it’s writing my own, or just being able to better communicate to the sound designer,” Elisabeth said. “Either way I know that I want to create. And being a part of a team that will create a great game that can move people the way some music does will give me the same feeling that I had with my high school project.”

This leader feels confident that events led her to the right place. “I know that FIEA will teach me everything I need to know to be able to lead a team and present a high caliber game.”

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