Industry Guest Speaker: Umesh Shukla on a journey to entrepreneurship

Flyer for industry guest speaker, Umesh Shukla from Auryn Inc.

Animating Van Gogh: How I raised $22 million.
“In the ever changing world of technology, it pays to chart ones career by way of leveraging one technology to the next.” A talk by Umesh Shukla on his journey from being a graphic designer to an entrepreneur.

Bio: Mr. Shukla’s career spanned from a digital artist in boutique animation studio in Australia to a visual effects supervisor in Hollywood studios, such as Digital Domain, Disney Feature Animation, and Dreamworks Animation. Currently as the founder of Auryn Inc., he is involved with management and creative side of producing interactive media.

March 9, 2017
6 pm

Center for Emerging Media
500 Bentley Street
Orlando FL 32801

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