You might say it was twisted…ahem…fate that brought FIEA alum Ryo Tazi and League of Legends together.

Artwork from

Tazi started making LOL skins after meeting with Riot at a conference.

In Spring of 2012, while still an art student at FIEA, Tazi won honorable mention in a LOL art contest that had more than 3,000 submissions.

After meeting some Riot workers at the 2013 Game Developer’s Conference, Tazi submitted for an art test some skins in the “arcade hecarim” style. This was the same style that Riot was secretly working on at the time!

He immediately got hired as a freelance artist and his first major success was creating three of the five skins for the “Legends of the Field” set that came out during the 2014 World Cup Soccer Tournament.

Artwork from Tazi says the hardest part was keeping the characters recognizable while putting them in soccer-themed gear and poses. “It’s a great feeling,” he says. “Especially as a huge fan of LOL to see that I contributed to the game’s art. It’s amazing.” He’s now working on future skins for Riot while also teaching concept art at FIEA part-time.

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