FIEA Professor’s Fantasy Novel Debuts in Top 5 on Amazon

FIEA professor Rick Hall’s fantasy novel, Gnosis, recently debuted to strong customer reviews and initial sales. Described as a “psychic urban fantasy,” the book’s main character is Samantha Black, a rebellious teenage parkour enthusiast who begins hearing voices in her head. But far from imaginary, the voice is a sentient virus created by the government who seeks to control her.

Hall spent almost two years writing and editing the book. The book’s plot came to life after the author read about viruses that get into insects and cause them to commit suicide. A software developer as well, he created several tools during the writing to help with character development and editing.

Hall said that the crossover between writing and video games is very strong. “I have always been fascinated by the storytelling process, and the connection between story and audience,” Hall said.  “It is very similar to the connection between games and the audience.”

Learn more about Gnosis here.

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