Experience FIEA Day 2017 Is Feb. 10

Ever wonder if you could become a game developer? Or learn how to make video games and get a master’s degree doing it?

Sign up for Experience FIEA Day 2017 and get a special VIP tour of FIEA. It’s Feb. 10 at 3:30 pm.

EFD 2017 is like an open house on steroids. You’ll be able to meet faculty and staff and tour the building and get all your questions answered about the curriculum and how we do things at FIEA. There will be tech, mocap and game demos. Plus we’ll feed you and give you some swag before you leave!

And if you enjoy the day, you can stay and watch the 6 pm showing of “Man vs. Snake” an arcade documentary about one man’s attempt to break the world record on the game “Nibbler.” We’ll even have a Q&A with the film’s creator, Andrew Seklir.

Required RSVP, agenda and more info at


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