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Part Artist, Part Programmer

FIEA artists tell a story with their art and characters. Our video game art curriculum gives you a solid foundation in 2d design, 3d modeling, animation and game production. You’ll become a versatile artist that can make ideas come to life.

In Demand

Demand for tech artists has never been higher (tech art job listings). One of our tech art grads worked on Destiny on a hair system while another is at LucasFilm.

Meet The Tech Art Faculty

Get personalized, real-world instruction from our tech art faculty, who have worked on films, commercials, games and theme parks.

Chris Roda

Tech Art Faculty

Industry Experience

CG Supervisor, EA Sports Tiburon; Theme Park Attractions, more


NCAA Football (10, 11, 12, 13) Madden Football (25, 2015), more


Our Studio 500 is a huge MOCAP studio and soundstage that you get to use to learn industry-standard technical pipelines and art processes. As part of our video game tech art curriculum you’ll do MOCAP shoots or green screen work for your student games or volunteer on industry shoots and get experience.