Student Stories

Creative Control

FIEA student Aaron Cendan formed Stickless to help a friend. Now he’s building controllers for competitive and disabled gamers around the world. Aaron shows off the insides of a Stickless controller. Watching Aaron Cendan play a video game is like watching someone type. Instead of using a controller with joysticks, [...]

Coding Connections

Whether building an antenna, creating an app or speaking one of four languages, Pratik Chougule loves bringing people together. In 2017, Pratik Chougule sat on the roof of his house in Dapoli, India snipping wires. He was building a FM antenna for his parents, so they could hear the radio stations in [...]

From Army to Animation

When it comes to hard work, Brenda Raza certainly knows how to push through. From working in a cave in South Korea to photo editing catalogs of major retailers, she has done it all.  Now Brenda is ready to get back to her true passion, animation. This 1997 UCF graphic design graduate [...]

Fulbright Full of Passion

Fulbright scholar Pamela Figueroa is a woman of many talents. Speak to Pamela Figueroa for five minutes and you can tell she has as many interests as talents. Dragons, guitar playing, Guns N’ Roses, Bolivian culture, medieval castles and game-development contests are some of the topics she can talk about at length. [...]

Player Two Ready: For 2nd Straight Year FIEA Student Game Wins Two Awards at Intel University Games Showcase

FIEA student game “Hollowed” won the “Best Visual Quality” award and the second place award for “Best Gameplay” at the 2018 Intel University Games Showcase, held March 22 in San Francisco. It is the second straight year that a FIEA game has placed in two different categories, as “The Channeler” in 2017 won “Most [...]

Exploring New Worlds

Kristal Nembhard was 2,500 miles from home when she bumped into FIEA alumni who helped her make a life-changing decision. As an artist, Kristal Nembhard loves the idea of creating 3-D worlds for others to explore inside video games. If she can make those virtual environments seem exhilarating and full of puzzling choices [...]

Leader of the Band

Elisabeth Seigel hopes to use her love of music, video games and leadership to compose her own bright future Throughout her life, Elisabeth Seigel found artistic outlets in a wide range of musical styles. She played the trumpet in her high school marching band. She majored in music and composition at Gonzaga University [...]

Mind Games

Born in Portugal, Rafael Brochado has worked and lived in several countries. But the journeys he wants to go on now are all in his head. After several years of working on apps for games such as “Tetris,” “Pac-Man,” “Snoopy Bubble,” and “Game of Thrones,” Rafael Brochado realized that what really captured his imagination [...]