Application Deadlines vs. PRDs

Interested in applying to FIEA but confused about when everything is due?

FIEA is a master’s program at UCF, so we work with their College of Graduate Studies to admit students.

The application deadlines that we list on our site are simply the dates that your UCF graduate online application must be submitted.  So January 15th for international students is just when you must submit your application online to UCF.  Nothing else is due by that date.

 Following the application deadline, you can send in your official transcripts or (international) mark sheets to UCF, and GRE and TOEFL scores (if applicable) to UCF.  Your scores, transcripts or mark sheets don’t have to be ready by the time you submit your online application, but they DO have to be turned in before your PRD.

Then you work with me, Sara, in FIEA Admissions to send in your portfolio, written interview and references by the Portfolio Review Date (PRD).  The PRD is FIEA’s online submission deadline that you choose when are ready to turn everything in to me by.

Please read our detailed guide to applying here: 6 Steps To Enroll.

Please watch our helpful admissions videos here: Admissions Video.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or when you are ready to begin the application and portfolio process with FIEA! 🙂

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