Admissions Requirements

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Admission Requirements

FIEA’s admission requirements dictate that you have to have an undergraduate degree before you apply. If your degree is from outside the United States, you’ll need to present your transcripts to the UCF College of Graduate Studies so they can evaluate them and make sure that the course content and level of instruction are comparable to that of a U.S. institution.

When submitting your portolio to FIEA, you will indicate and be admitted to a specific specialization. Each FIEA applicant is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and only the most qualified students will be admitted into the program. You can prepare yourself for FIEA by excelling in challenging academic courses and developing creative and innovative projects.

New students are admitted for the fall term only and you’re encouraged to apply as early as possible for the fall term.

FIEA reserves the right to verify all documents submitted in application for admission. Any falsification of admission documents or portfolio materials constitutes grounds for termination of application procedures, dismissal from the program, and the forfeiture of any and all fees paid.

Basic Admission Requirements

To apply for FIEA, you must meet the following basic admission requirements:

  • Have a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree (or be in the process of attaining one) from a postsecondary program in Art, Computer Science, Digital Media or many other related fields. See our course descriptions page to see the most common undergraduate majors. Undergraduate degrees from outside the United States will be evaluated by UCF College of Graduate Studies to ensure that course content and level of instruction are comparable to that of a U.S. institution.

FIEA prefers you also have:

  • A 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale (calculated on the last 60 attempted hours of a baccalaureate degree) or above
  • A combined verbal and quantitative score of 300 or above on any Graduate Record Exam (GRE) taken after Aug. 1, 2011 or 1000 or above combined score on any GRE test taken prior to Aug. 1, 2011. This test is an overall assessment of the maturity and depth of a student’s communication and reasoning abilities.

Florida Residency Information

If you desire to get Florida residency, please go here for more information. If you have any questions on the process to get in-state residency, please email grad residency. Please note this process can be lengthy so begin it as soon as possible.

International Application Information

Please visit this section of our website for more specific International Admission Requirements.

Admissions Contact Information

All application materials, including application forms, fees, transcripts, letters of recommendation, GRE scores and other reference materials that can not be completed online should be mailed to:

University of Central Florida
College of Graduate Studies

Millican Hall 230
P.O. Box 160112
Orlando, FL 32816‐0112

Portfolio material should be sent to:

500 West Livingston Street
Orlando, FL 32801

In case you have any questions, contact us here. Go here to begin the admission process.