• Top 5: Intel University Games Showcase, Plushy Knight
  • Honorable Mention: Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s “GameOn! Challenge Pocket Protection


  • Scholarship Winner: Penny Arcade Scholarship, Alicia Cano
  • Featured: Art featured in art exhibition “Accelerate” at North Carolina Museum of Art


  • Honorable Mention: IGF Student Showcase, “Plushy Knight”


  • Autodesk Demo Reel: Max Antinone & Ingrid Aguero Art featured in Demo Reel
  • Scholarship Winner: Penny Arcade Scholarship, Hunter Hart
  • Scholarship Winner: Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Randy Pausch Award, Hunter Hart
  • Scholarship Winner: International Game Developers Association, Andrew Bertino


  • First Place: Serious Games Showcase, Student Category, “Energize” Game
  • First Place: “Catch”, Best of Show and First Place Animation, 2nd Annual Toon Awards Contest


  • Featured Game: IndieCAde Showcase at E3, “Zephyr: Tides of War,”
  • Honorable Mention: IGF Student Showcase, “Sultans of Scratch”
  • Featured Game: Kotaku.com, “ASCII Streetfighter,”


  • First Place: Shockwave Challenge Gaming Contest, “I Herd Ya,” 1st, “Grid Lock,” 2nd, “Jyn-March,” 3rd & “Alterra,” 4th


  • First Place: MTV’s Changing the Course of HIV Gaming Challenge, “The Face of Aids,”
  • Top 10: Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Finalists, Opera Slinger


  • Top 10: MTV’s Gam0RZ Showcase, Bugaholic, Up Your Kilt, Serpents on a Jet all
  • First Place: Electronic Arts Tank Wars AI Programming Contest