In semesters 2 and 3, every student works on a final, large-scale game with fellow producers, programmers and artists. This capstone game is your master’s thesis.

Fall 2014 Capstone Games

Child No More

A story-driven adventure game that emphasizes the consequences of a child’s loss of innocence, cast in an unforgiving environment she once knew as home. Set in an Eastern European country broken by conflict, Arya and her player-controlled animal companions become inseparable in the face of danger. Helplessness and uncertainty surrounds them as Arya deals with the loss of her past life. Arya will suffer the consequences of the player’s actions every step of the way, and she will ultimately be the sum of experiences that the player helps define.


  • Carmen Askerneese II
    Project Lead
  • Agnesa Belegu
    Lead Designer
  • Alex Dee
    Development Manager/Technical Designer
  • Ben Fletcher
    Technical Designer
  • Keiran Kozlowski
    Level Designer


  • Jared Brown
    Lead Programmer
  • Ashwin Sankaranarayanan
    Gameplay/ AI Programmers
  • Brian Bennett
    Gameplay/ AI Programmers
  • Jonathan Lucka
    Gameplay/UI Programmer


  • Dave Parker
    Lead Environment/Lighting Artist
  • Tamara Corbett
    Lead Character/2D Artist
  • Chunzi Wu
    2D/3D Environment Artist
  • Lawrance Susenburger
    Technical Artist
  • Josh Frantz
    3D Character Artist
  • Samantha Mohr